¹Fifteen years of full-time experience as a Graphic Designer

²Six years of full-time experience as a Photographer, with a certification in Digital Photography from Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

³Skilled in brand & print design, illustration, product & mockup photography, typography & hand-lettering, signage design, and digital asset development

Innovative creative thinker with practical mindfulness of fundamentals, constraints, milestones, and budgets
¹Craftsmanship ²Originality ³Integrity
¹Resident of San Juan, Puerto Rico for 11 years

²Bilingual; English (native) & Spanish (conversational)

³Volunteer & active member of Freelancers Union since 2016

Student of Aikido at Michi Dojo in San Juan since 2018; Yonkyū rank
All of the design, illustration, and photography featured on this website was done by me (FRΞD), by hand, from scratch, and with integrity. The only exceptions are certain project fonts, like Nitti Typewriter here, and the special case of the calligraphy of Mitsugi Saotome that was the foundation of the Michi Dojo logos. Otherwise, my rules are as follows:

No AI • No subcontracting • No tracing • No templates • No clipart or pre-made assets • No stock photos • No mockup kits • DIY or die! • (I'm rather hardcore about it).
¹Make genuine connections with great people

²Collaborate and strategize how to effectively achieve their vision and accomplish their mission

³Apply my skill set to deliver results, ROI, and a great experience for all parties

Build solid, sustainable business relationships

Give back to the creative community by continuing volunteer work with Freelancers Union, and by creating informative and/or inspirational content for social media
I'm available and actively searching for creative opportunities.
Consider starting a conversation about how my skill set could accomplish your mission.
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